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Create Your Own Pasta — $10.95


Pasta with Meatballs & Sauce — $10.95


Fettuccine Alfredo — $10.95


Pasta with Meat Sauce — $10.95


Pasta with Fresh Tomato & Basil Sauce — $10.95


Pasta Alla Puttanesca — $10.95

Sautéed fresh capers, garlic, black olives, and fresh tomatoes in a blush sauce. Anchovies upon request.

Pasta Alla Pesto — $10.95

Pasta tossed with a textured paste of garlic, fresh basil, Parmigiana cheese, extra-virgin olive oil, and pignoli.

Pasta Alla Aglio E Olio (Garlic & Oil) — $10.95

Pasta tossed with a light sauce of garlic, extra-virgin olive oil, olives, parsley, and pignoli.

Mushroom Sauce — $10.95

Fresh mushrooms and garlic sautéed in marinara.


Frà Diàvolo (Spicy) — $9.95

Freshly diced tomatoes, minced garlic, and fresh basil in spicy marinara.


Vodka Sauce — $11.95

Lean pancetta (bacon), sweet peas, fresh tomatoes, and chopped ham in a pink vodka cream sauce.



Penne Alla Marcello — $13.95

A few fresh tomatoes sautéed with fresh garlic and a touch of white wine and topped with asparagus over penne pasta.



Tortellini — $13.95

Cheese or meat filled, in an Alfredo sauce or marinara.


Capellini Positano — $14.95

Sautéed fresh garlic and lump crabmeat with fresh tomatoes and basil in a wine blush sauce over capellini pasta.